This is what makes the best online casinos

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

There is definitely no shortage on online casinos worldwide. New offerings arrive every month, every week, even every day. But which are the ones that you definitely need to check out - and which are the ones you can easily leave alone? If you have not got too much experience in this field, it migh be difficult to judge indeed. But there are many things that you can look at to identify casinos that are worth a go. Don't be afraid of being a casino rookie. Just don't make any silly mistakes.

The first glance

It may just sound like a cheap cliché, but there is more to it. The very first impression you get about an online casino is really important. If any given website is not functioning properly, you will soon find out. If you spot language mistakes straight away, you can not expect that more care would have gone into other details. But if a casino looks very professional from the start, you can hope for the best. Still, take your time to read a review or two to be sure about things.

Better safe than sorry

Your own safety is absolutely paramount when playing games in online casinos. Playing with real money is particularly risky and you should know exactly what you are doing there. Otherwise you risk losing a lot of money. If you want to play responsibly, casinos are helping you to do so. They give you the possibility to limit your account to maximal amounts and times of betting. Once you think that enough is enough, you could even ban yourself from gambling with real money and close your account with immediate effect.

Safety and licences

To prove their safety and security, online casinos should have licences to show. Ideally, they would not only hold one licence, but actually several licences from several countries. Many online casinos are licenced in countries that count as proper hot spots for online gambling. Well-respected gambling authorities exist in Malta or the United Kingdom for example. But other countries are offering this service as well. To obtain a licence, a casino must prove that it is doing serious business, with no scams and a maximum level of security for the players' data.

Games to look out for

The games you can expect to see in an online casino are roughly the same as you would see in a land-based casino. Most online casinos offer you hundreds of slots. They come in all colours, with many different backgrounds and themes and of course in different layouts. Very interestingly, some of most simple games are amongst the most popular games on the internet. Apparently the taste for games has changed in a way that more simplistic games are the hype at the moment. But of course there are other games available too.

If you want to aim big, try the jackpot slots, if any are available. They usually come with a load of special features and side bet games. This makes them very interesting. Though keep in mind that you need a lot of luck getting even close to a jackpot. Very often, these games are of the higher variance kind of nature. This means that you may have to wait very long until you actually win something. But if you have the patience required, you may really be in for something big!


Try table games

Actually even more traditional in a casino are the table games. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and the likes have been there for longer than the slots. Online casinos allow you to have a go in these games without having to wear a shirt and tie and without having to travel anywhere. So, you can find out whether you can act nearly as cool as James Bond - from the comforts of your own home for example. A good online casino would offer you a wide range of table games in several variations.

The real deal - live casino

You can even experience the gambling action live these days. Online casinos offer you live games that are led by a real dealer that is being filmed while on the job. You enter your bets through the website and then you can watch how the ball rolls at Roulette for example. This brings you as close to the real casino experience as somehow possible. The most advanced software solutions even go one step further. They allow for some interaction between the participating players on the respective tables - just like in a real casino.

More games ...

And this is not everything you could meet and see in an online casino of course. Some casinos offer you a lot more. One example could be virtual scratch cards. There you will not have to think about tactics as in Roulette or Blackjack. And neither you will have to wait until the reels have stopped turning as with the many slots that are on offer. All you need to do is to click in the right field. You will find out immediately whether you have won or whether you need to try again.

Additional offers

Even those special games mentioned above would not have to be the end of the list of attractions. Some operators are active in the field of sports betting too for example. This allows you to turn your knowledge about football and other sports into actual money. If you need a break for the out and out gambling, you can do something where you can rely on your own instincts for a change. With some of the well-known sports betting operators you can enjoy proper casino action under the same roof.

Play anywhere you want

Modern technology allows you to take your gambling anywhere you want. Literally all you need these days is a good internet connection and the fun already starts. Most websites are optimised for all the different devices and gadgets in use. Whether you want to play from your smartphone or your tablet, it is all possible. Most websites and games are actually designed with these smaller devices in mind at first these days. Just open them in your browser installed on your smartphone or on your tablet. Most of the time you would not need an extra app.

Things you need to try

The landscape of online casinos is changing rapidly. All the different operators are in a very lively competition. This is all to your advantage, because to catch the players' eyes, the casinos have to become better and better. At the moment it is the online live casino that is probably the best thing you can find in most casinos. With the most advanced technology, you can even enjoy the games in virtual reality. Suddenly sitting on your sofa at home or sunbathing on the beach could be the same as going to the casino.


Try it out now

You should not be scared about online casinos at all. Of course, they need to be treated with some respect, as playing with real money could bring some danger of course. But if you are good enough not to get over-excited, things should pan out well for you. Set yourself a maximum amount of time and money you want to spend with gambling online and you will be fine. Maybe you will even be lucky and have some winnings to show for pretty soon. All you need to do is to give it a go.